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This page is where you would find interesting articles about the things I’ve learned so far that I think could be useful for you guys to know. I hope you guys would learn at least one new thing that could change your life by reading these articles.

Scientifically Proven Ways to Learn New Things

Today I am going to share some methods that I came across which have been proven scientifically.

How to Stop Caring about what Other People Think

We all try to not give a f**k about what others think and to live freely. But humans aren’t built like this. It is in our nature to care for other people. In this article, I am going to show you how you could live your life the best way possible by caring less about others’ opinions

6 Surprising Benefits of Journaling Everyday

Journaling is a habit that most of us have tried at least once in our lives. But a small percentage of people continues with it. Even though the thought of sitting down and writing things down in a book feels boring, it can have a surprising impact on your life.

5 Tips that Will Make You More Productive

Everyone strives to increase their productivity on a daily basis. It is, in my opinion, about identifying your areas of weakness and working to better them. The key to being productive is to enjoy what you’re working on. It does not feel like labour if you enjoy what you are doing.

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