5 Reasons Why You Should Read Everyday

Reading is an empowering habit that you could adapt to your life and it will pay off every single day. Being a well-read person should be a goal in everyone’s bucket list. We can easily see a disparity between the thought process of a normal person and a person who reads regularly. Let me explain why I started reading a book a week and why you should too.

1. Reading books will help you learn constantly

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Warren Buffett, an American investor who is among World’s Top 10 Billionaires, reads 500 pages every single day and he suggests anyone who wants to be successful to do so too. He believes that reading is like compound interest.

To achieve better results in life, you need to learn regularly. The more you learn, the more you will get better in handling life’s challenges and thus becoming successful.

2. Reading improves your communication skills

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Reading helps you look at life incidents in other people’s point of view. You get to learn from the stories and experiences of people you don’t even know. This is one of the reasons why I am using Quora frequently as well. We should always try to learn from other people. We should learn from other people’s mistakes.

Besides, reading updates your vocabulary and your thought process. When you read more and more, you will get exposed to more words. And eventually, they will slide into your everyday vocabulary without you even knowing. This is why we can usually spot how smart a person is when they talk about something.

3. Reading upgrades your brain

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A team of neuroscientists at Emory University in Atlanta have discovered that just reading a novel initiates changes in the way the brain connects with different circuits, and most importantly, those changes last for at least five days. Although five days are not that long, this proves that reading changes us even after reading. It is like taking a steroid for the brain with no side effects at all.

When you read more and more about various topics, your brain creates connections between every one of them. This will eventually help you understand things deeply. Over time you will feel like you have the answers to everything.

4. Reading improves your concentration

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

Not being able to focus on something for a longer period is a problem most of the people have. This is mainly because of our electric devices and social media have been created. This is an immense difficulty I faced in the past because I have a cluttered mind.

But once I started reading every day and working to a schedule, I get things done in a focused manner. This has made me more productive and organized.

5. Reading helps you see through author’s eyes

When we read books, especially autobiographies, we get to experience and see how that person saw the challenges. We can learn from the way he conquered his failures. We can learn from the way he worked his ass off to get to the place where he is now. We get to see how he was depressed and looked like a fool.

These stories help you realize that none of the “special” people is special. They are just ordinary people like me and you. They have developed a healthy mindset in their lives that have helped them achieve their goals. If they can do it, we can do it too.

Watch this video to get motivated 😍🤘

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Have a nice day ✌

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