6 Surprising Benefits of Journaling Everyday

Journaling is a habit that most of us have tried at least once in our lives. But a small percentage of people continues with it. Even though the thought of sitting down and writing things down in a book feels boring, it can have a surprising impact on your life.

So, let’s learn about the six surprising benefits you could experience from journaling every day.

1. You will learn from your old experiences

The more you expose yourself, the more you will learn about yourself

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When you get into the habit of writing down things that happened in your life each day, you can go back to any day you like and feel what you felt that day.

This can be really crucial, especially when you have bad days. For example, let’s say you had a fight with your partner and you wrote down everything. Once your anger is gone, you could just go back and read that journal entry. You will then realize how silly you were and the best way you should have reacted. So, when you get into the same kind of fight with your partner in the future, you could just act maturely with the experiences you have.

2. It sharpens your memory

Every one of us changes over time. The way we talk, the way we look, the way we think and etc. will change as you age. When you are 40 years old, you will never be able to guess how 20 years old you thought about yourself. Yeah, well that will happen only if you don’t maintain a journal.

Our beliefs will change over time. We won’t even realize it. Journal entries can remind you how you once thought. You will realize how much you have changed. Once you read these journal entries of old you and relive the memories, your memory will sharpen.

Relive the moments

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3. Keep it as proof for your progress

You can write anything you want in your journal. If you are trying to achieve some kind of a goal, write down what you did and what you want to do to achieve that goal.

After some time you could rollback and read the things you did when you were at the beginning. Reading those journal entries will make you feel really good.

These journal entries will be really helpful when you are having a bad day. Just read some of your good memories and relive them. You will realize how much progress you have made and how close you are to achieving your goal.

4. It will motivate you

This point is related to the last benefit we talked about. When you read one of your good memories on a bad day and realize how much work you have put in, you will be motivated to go for it.

In addition, since you know your day is going to be recorded in the journal at the end of the day, you will be motivated to do at least one good thing so that you could write it down on your journal.

Journaling will motivate you for good

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5. It improves your writing

Once you write and write every day for some time, your writing style will improve without you even realizing.

Especially if you are hoping to become a writer or a blogger or whatever, you should start from journaling. That is the easiest place where you could start writing because you are your favourite topic to write about. You will have no barriers. You can write just whatever you want.

Start your writing journey with journaling

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6. It relieves your stress

Having a journal is just like having a best friend with you every day. You can share anything with your journal.

If you are in a stressful situation, start writing and explaining your situation in the diary, just like you would explain it to your best friend. Once you finish writing down, you will feel so relieved and calm. The technical term for this is brain dumping.

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