Five Simple Steps to Crystal Clear Thinking

Hello guys, I am back after a small break. Well, not a small break to be honest. I took a two-week break from writing to freshen up. Let’s get into our normal routine.

Today I am going to discuss some simple steps that you could take to think clearly when making decisions in your life. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Don’t Rely on Others

This is a common mistake most of the people make. They rely on other people to make decisions for them. This is a really unhealthy way to live life.

Actually, this is one of the main principles I live my life by. We are responsible for every single thing that happens to us. You need to take responsibility for your life events. Jimmy didn’t fail the exam just because he got sick the day before the exam. If he had studied without waiting for the last minute, he would have passed the exam easily.

You will eventually understand that when we include this principle into our lives, life starts to look much simpler. This principle is not applicable to all life events. But I would advise you to try to apply this to everything as much as possible.

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2. Learn how to Learn

This is another crucial factor for anyone who wants to be successful. Before you start to learn something, you should learn how to learn.

There is no hard and fast way about learning. It is really subjective and unique. You need to try the methods out there and find out what works out best for you.

Personally, I have to write down what I learn. I have my own way of writing down things and connecting them to one another. I can’t recall things I hear. But I can recall things if I write them down.

After you find your unique way, things will start to get a lot more clearer in your head. When you want to learn something new, you just have to apply your learning method into that and learn it. You will start to find out ways to optimize your learning method to make the process faster and smoother.

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3. The Fire has to start from inside

We all get pumped up after watching some random motivation videos on YouTube. But that motivation does not last that long. The motivation must come within you, not from outside.

It is okay to start working out after watching a motivational video about an amazing body transformation. But you can’t stop it right there. All the motivation you have is going to go away someday. When you have the will power to do something with zero motivation, you will start to grow.

This is why we should find our WHY before doing something. If you are doing something for the sake of doing it, you are going to fail sooner or later. You can’t just force yourself to do something. You have to learn to start loving what you do. You need find your WHY to do that.

When you love what you and when you know exactly why you are doing it, things are going to be so clear in your mind.

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4. Scientific Thinking

Well, this is a concept we are taught in our schools. Even though we all know this concept, very few of us learns to apply it to our day-to-day life.

Science is based on facts. There is no room for beliefs. If you believe in something, find a way to prove it. If others can get the results for themselves as well, your belief will become a fact.

Another thing that is really important in Science is constantly asking questions. This is something we should encourage children to do at a very young age. When someone says something is true, ask them why. If you feel a certain way about someone, ask yourself why.

Everyone must try this in their lifetime. You can’t even imagine how far our mind has taught about something. You may even get the answers to your questions from inside of you. This is why most of the people recommend self-talking or journaling.

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5. Find a Fresh Point of View

When we get stuck in some problem for some time, we eventually start to get a fixed-mindset. You’re going to start seeing the problem in the same way no matter hard you try.

I would love to share a coding experience of mine with you guys. When I get stuck in a place for more than 1-2 hours, I have felt that I only can read the code in a certain pattern. No matter how hard I try, I can’t see it in a fresher way. Here, what I usually do is ask one of my colleagues to help me out. If there is no one around, I would just shift to some other task and get back into the next day. Since I don’t remember what is in the code, I have to read the code from the top. When I do that, I usually start to see what’s wrong immediately.

This concept actually works really well in any situation. It could your best friend, girlfriend/boyfriend or just a stranger you met at the coffee shop. You talk to them about your problem and ask for their point of view. Their ideas will help you get out of your brain-freeze.

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Thank you for reading my article. I hope you learned something valuable from it. If you did, drop a like and follow my blog to get notifications when I publish new articles. I write articles about coding, cricket and things that I find interesting. I try to publish articles every other day. Have a nice day ✌

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