5 Life-Changing Advice from Billionaires

Hello guys, today I am going to talk about life lessons from billionaire entrepreneurs. These are things they’ve learned from experience in their amazing journey to success. As I always say, all of these pieces of advice might not be for you. You might be able to utilize these pieces of advice in your life journey.

Don’t directly add anything to your life and hope for it to change your life. Every one of us is different. We all have different lifestyles and different backgrounds. Experiment with these pieces of advice. If it doesn’t suit you, leave it.

Let’s get into the article.

1. Persevere

Life is not going to be a bed of roses. There is going to be times where you are going to feel down and out. There is going to be times where you feel like stopping. But don’t.

This is the corridor where most of us fail to go through. This is the reason why only 1% of the world population has become successful.

Here me out and say if this has happened to you too. You watched some crazy transformation video on YouTube. You look at yourself and say, “I wanna be like that. I can do that. I want a body like that”. So, you go and join the gym the next day. You are so pumped. You go to the gym for a week or two or maybe a month. On a gym day, one of your friends invites you to go to a party. You think to yourself, “There is no harm in skipping a day”. Next thing you know, you haven’t gone to the gym in a few months and you are watching motivational videos on YouTube.

I bet most of you guys have experienced something like this. Do you know why that happened? That happened because external motivation is crap. Motivation is good to make you get started. But it is going to fade away soon. On that day when your motivation comes down to zero, you are going to find whether you really have what it takes to build that amazing body. And that must come from inside of you. You need to know how to motivate yourself. You need to find out how you can persevere through this mental barrier. You’ve got to do that again and again.

2. Find a Strong Why

This one also can be associated with the last point. The main reason you fail when your motivation reaches zero is that you don’t have a clear vision.

The first thing you need to do is finding your Why. Let’s get back to that workout example. If the only reason why you are building your body is that someone made fun of your body, you are going to fail at some point. That is not a strong why. Your why should be a long term goal like getting fitter than yesterday or a short term goal like losing 10 kilos at the end of this month. These goals are more achievable and realistic. You can motivate yourself to get to realistic goals.

Listen to this amazing speech from one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Video Source – Alpha Leaders Productions YouTube Channel

3. Have Humanity

In my opinion, this is something that is slowly getting away from today’s society. George Floyd incident was an eye-opening moment for everyone in the world to see how society has changed. I am not saying that society was better in the past. But it surely is not getting any better.

We all are going after money and fame. Yes, money is important. But there is a point where you earn enough to live your day-to-day life happily. That is enough. Most of the people are circling through a vicious cycle. When we want to earn more and more, we only get more greedy and inhumane. Today’s society has come to a point where a person would kill someone else for a few hundred bucks.

You are not going to take your money with you when you die. Always try to help people to get to a better place in their lives. In the end, your mental satisfaction is going the that is going to stay with you when you die.

4. Work Hard and Smart

Everyone says that you should work smart and not hard. But billionaires believe that both are equally important. Bill Gates once said that he didn’t believe in weekends when he was in his 20s. This is a common thing among most of the billionaires. They have dedicated their whole life to get to where they are in their lives.

What I mean by work hard and smart is that you need to be smart to choose the thing that you should be working on at the moment. And you need to focus on that task and work hard to achieve that goal.

5. Do what you Love

When you are choosing a career path, always choose a career which you are interested in. Do not choose a career just because it pays well. When you choose something you love, the money will come towards you.

When you do something you love and something you are really interested in, you won’t really feel it as working. You will be able to work really hard and still be motivated. You will not feel tired. When you work like that, the money will come to you. You will not even care because you are not doing it for the money. You are doing it for your own satisfaction

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