Movie Ratings and Their Meanings

Movie Ratings and Their Meanings (Featured Photo)

Hello geeks, today I am going to talk about the film rating system. We are going to take a look at who is rating these movies and movie trailers, movie rating components and what each rating sign mean. If it sounds interesting, let’s hop into the article.

Who is rating the Movies?

Motion Pictures Association (MPA) in the United States is rating suitability of the movies for certain audiences. This is a voluntary scheme and it is not enforced by the law to get your film rated. But some movie theatres refuse to exhibit the movies that are non-rated(NR). Most of the parents are using these ratings to decide whether it is appropriate for children or not.

Movie Rating Types

1. G (General Audience)

People of any age can watch these movies

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Image Source

2. PG (Parental Guide Suggested)

Children are allowed to watch these movies with parental guidance. This probably means there can be some small parts that might not be appropriate for children.

Image Source

3. PG – 13 (Parental Guide Cautioned)

Parents are urged to be cautious with these movies. Some of the material might not be appropriate for pre-teenagers.

The Half of It

Image Source

4. R (Restricted)

A child under 17 years requires accompanying parent or adult guardian to watch the movie. These movies contains adult material and parents are urged to learn more about the movie before letting their child see it.


Image Source

5. NC – 17 (Adult Only)

No one 17 or under is admitted. Only for adults. These were also called X Rated Movies in the past.


Image Source

6. NR / UR (Not Rated / Unrated)

These movies haven’t been submitted to be rated by the MPA.

Love and Other Drugs

Image Source

Movie Trailer Rating Types

1. Green Band

MPA has rated these movies as green band considering things like foul language, violence, sexual scenes and etc. They have approved these trailers for all audiences.

Green Band

Image Source

2. Yellow Band

These trailers have been approved for age-appropriate internet users.

Image Source

3. Red Band

These trailers have been approved for “mature” and “restricted” audiences.

Red Band

Rating Components

These movies and movie trailers are rated considering 4 components.

  • Language
  • Violence
  • Nudity and Sex
  • Substances (Drug Usage)

I hope guys learned something valuable today. If you did, drop a like and follow my blog. See you next time. Stay Safe ✌

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