Increase your Dopamine Levels with these simple tips

Hello guys, today I’ve brought you an interesting article on how to increase your dopamine levels without using any medications. Increased dopamine levels will help you to lose weight, be motivated and improve your memory just to make a few.

Let’s learn how you can increase your dopamine levels naturally and thus improve your overall quality in life.

What is Dopamine?

Dopamine is a hormone and a neurotransmitter that is made in your brain which affects many parts of your functions directly.

Why do we need Dopamine?

Dopamine helps us to,

  • Be motivated
  • Feel happy
  • Stay strong mentally
  • Lose weight
  • Fight depression
  • Improve memory
  • Avoid bad habits, etc.

Everyone wants to achieve these things. So, let’s learn how you can urge your brain naturally to keep your dopamine levels high which in return will keep you happy.

1. Give Me Some Sunshine

Image Source

Go outside and feel that sunlight on your skin. Researches have shown that just going for walk in the sunshine is going to increase our dopamine levels.

2. Turn Off Your Smartphone
Blue Light Messes with your sleep

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Try to stay away from the electronic screen as much as possible. Electronic devices emit radiation that affects our brain’s dopamine production.

I know it is hard for someone who have to work from their laptops and computers in their job to go along with this. Do what you can. Take a break every hour or so and go outside or just look outside through a window. This is going to drastically change your mood and keep you motivated.

3. More Protein. Less Fat. No Sugar
Add Good Proteins to your diet

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Proteins are made from amino acids which are the root of making dopamine in your brain. Your body can only synthesize 23 types of amino acids. You have to get others from your food. Add more protein sources to your diet to increase your dopamine production.

Having food with saturated fat disrupts dopamine signaling in your brain when you consume them in large quantities. This includes milk and white chocolate, toffee, cakes, puddings, biscuits, processed meat, etc.

Having food with high levels of sugar regularly is not good for you either. This can interfere with your brain’s dopamine centre.

4. Exercise more often

Image Source

Exercising, even just walking or climbing stairs can increase your dopamine production. Exercising boosts endorphin levels in your body and improves your mood too.

5. Sleep tight
Sleep Tight

Image Source

Having a good night’s sleep can help a lot. Dopamine is released in large amounts in the mornings when we are supposed to wake up. This creates that feeling of alertness and wakefulness in our body. And at the evenings, our dopamine levels drops and tells us to go to sleep.

But not having enough sleep could cause problems to this natural rhythm and mess up dopamine production in your brain.

6. Meditate
Meditate Regularly

Image Source

Meditation is a wonderful habit that can do wonders for you. Meditation clears our mind and enables us to focus on our thoughts. Meditation can be done while you are sitting, standing or however you are comfortable and it only take few minutes.

Researches have shown that doing regular meditation can improve your dopamine levels.

7. Tick off your to-do list
Tick off your to-do list items

Image Source

We have talked about this in earlier articles as well. Ticking off things in your to-do list causes a dopamine rush in your brain which motivates you to keep going.

I hope you guys enjoyed the article. Thank you for taking the time to read the article. If you liked it drop a like and follow my blog. Stay safe ✌

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