How to Stop Caring about what Other People Think

Hello guys, Today I am going to talk about a topic that every one of us wants to know about. We all have heard this advice. We all try to not give a f**k about what others think and to live freely. But humans aren’t built like this. It is in our nature to care for other people. In this article, I am going to show you how you could live your life the best way possible by caring less about others’ opinions.

One thing that hasn’t evolved over time

In prehistoric times, we could not survive on our own. We had to be part of a group to survive. Even though we are in the modern age now, we still have that habit in our genes. We still always try to be accepted by everybody.

But we don’t to be like that now. We can survive on our own. There are no predators that are going to hunt us down when we are alone. People are slowly getting started to live alone with the impact of social media. But still, they can’t get rid of that urge for wanting to be accepted by others.

You don’t have to look “Cool”

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I have seen a lot of people join various kinds of clubs or starting to play various kinds of sports just to look “Cool”. You have to realize that everyone is the same. Everyone has a dark side in their lives. You are not different from anyone else.

You have to realize that hiding your dark side and pretending that you are cool is not the way to go. The more you try to look “cool“, the more you drag yourself down deeper. The onliest way to become a more secure person is to face your fears. I know it is not as easier as it sounds. But take my word for this, it is the only way out.

You can choose between pretending to be “cool” and wasting your whole life just because you fear that people will judge you or putting yourself out there and facing your fears without giving a f##k about what other people think of you.

The choice is up to you.

Find your Core Values

As I explained in the introduction, we simply can’t stop caring about what other people think that easily. Even the people who don’t look like to be giving a f##k still gives a f##k about something.

What we can do is we can choose our core values. We can choose what we are going to give a f##k about. We have limited f##ks to give in our life. We can’t give a f##k about everything.

For example, your family probably is a core value of yours. You should care about your family. But you should not care what some guy said about taking swimming lessons. You should be able to say, “Well, I don’t give a f##k“. And that is because that guy is not a core value of yours.

It’s OK to say No

Don’t hold back to Say NO

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One of the worst habits most people have is that they can’t say NO when someone asks for a favour. We have this habit of being people pleasers. We keep falling into this trap of doing obligatory and unnecessary work just because we can’t disappoint that person.

More often than not the reason why we do this is to make ourselves feel better by thinking that we made someone’s day better. Yes. Joey is right. There is no such thing as selfless good deeds.

For F.R.I.E.N.D.S Fans

Video Source – Friends Forever YouTube Channel

You have to realize that it is OK to say no when someone asks for a favour. You can explain yourself if you want to. Make your response direct and clean.

If you can’t say it directly at first, you could say, “I’ll get back to you in a moment” and then respond.

You should understand that you are not turning down a person here. You are just turning down a request. Just as they have a right to make requests, you have the right to turn them down respectfully.

Bonus Tips

If you want to dive deep into this concept and understand how exactly you could live your life without giving a f##k, I highly recommend you guys to read this book from Mark Manson called The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F##k.

You could find the Audible audiobook version here.

This is it for today’s article. I hope you guys learned something valuable today. If you did, don’t forget to follow my blog and share the article among your friends. Stay Safe ✌

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