4 Real Reaons Why You are Procrastinating and How to Fight Them

Hello guys, I am back with another new article with some interesting facts and techniques that could be life-changing for someone. Today, I am going to talk about the real reasons why you are procrastinating and how to fight them.

1. You don’t believe in yourself

One of the reasons why most people procrastinate is because they don’t think that they can complete that task successfully. Well, I have actually experienced this many times. I’ll give you an example from own life.

One day I was asked to give a speech in front of my English class the following week. Well, I’ve got the stage fright. In that whole week, I was thinking about how I would it up. But, I did not prepare. It was the day before the big day when I realized that I didn’t even have a script to practice the speech. I somehow came up with a script and memorized the points. I did the speech and it went pretty. But one important thing that I realized when I was giving the speech is that I could have done it better if I prepared some more rather than wasting time thinking about how I would mess up.

You may have realized this by yourself as well. So, whenever you have to do something that you are not that confident, the best thing you should do is to prepare for it. Watching PewDiePie’s LWIAY videos when you have an assignment to submit in a few hours is not ideal. When you are not confident about doing something, research about it. Make it one of your obsessions.

2. Distractions

Another reason why you are procrastinating is that because you are being distracted with things that are more appealing to you than what you are supposed to do.

The Biggest Distraction Ever

Yes. Your smartphone is your biggest distraction. You don’t even realize how many hours you waste by looking into a screen.

In 2020, the WHO estimates the average global lifespan is 72 years, and if we assume that many people now start using social media as young as 10 years old, that means the average person will spend a total of 3,462,390 minutes using social media over their whole lifetime.

In other words, that’s nearly 6 years and 8 months on social media in their lifetime based on the projections for social media use in 2020

Obviously, usage will likely change within the next seven decades, so take that number with a grain of salt. But since the trend over the past few years has been for people to spend more and more time on social media, that means humans are on track to spend a decade or more time on social media in their lifetime.

Quote Source – BroadbandSearch

How about that? An average person spends 6+ years browsing through social media. I just quoted these facts to make you realize how much time you are wasting.

If you feel like you want to check how many hours you spend on your smartphone, I recommend you to use Digital Wellbeing app. I’ve been using it for some time now and I’ve saved a lot of time because of that app.

And once you minimize your distractions, you will realize a significant change. You will realize that you are much less likely to procrastinate when you are not getting distracted.

3. Having “Too Much” Time

When we have a lot of time to do some task, we are more likely to procrastinate thinking that we have a lot of time. I don’t think there is much to elaborate here since almost all of you know what I am talking about

4. It’s boring

You are more likely to procrastinate when you have to do something that doesn’t interest you. Even if the task is difficult, you will do the task if it is interesting. Our mind doesn’t like to do boring things.

How do we fight Procrastination?

1. Don’t follow pieces of advice blindly

What works for someone, might not work for you. Go ahead and experiment. If the advices does not make sense to you, try out something else.

2. Small Chunks and the Rewarding System

Break down your big tasks to small chunks. They will be sound less intimidating and that will motivate you to actually start doing the task without procrastinating.

And once you complete the task, reward yourself with something. This will make the task more enjoyable.

3. Deadlines before Deadlines

When you break your big task into smaller chunks, create deadlines for each chunk. These deadlines will push you to complete the task.

4. Remove Distractions altogether

Put your phone into Do Not Disturb mode when you are working

Uninstall social media apps from your phone.

Block yourself from using sites that don’t add anything to your life

That is it for today guys, Thank you for reading the article. I hope you guys learned something valuable today. Stay safe ✌

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