6 Simple Habits to Stop Overthinking

Hello guys, I am back with another valuable article that you could add to your knowledge book. Today I am going to talk about 10 simple habits that you could build to prevent yourself from overthinking.

1. Set Shorter time limits for your decisions

Set time limits

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This is related to a well-known fact that when we set a deadline for ourselves to do something, we are more likely to complete in the given time. This discusses a very similar concept to Mel Robbins’ 5-second rule.

When you are taking small decisions like replying to emails or what to eat for breakfast, set a small time limit for yourself for like 30 seconds. It is always better if you could bring that time down as you move along with this concept.

And when you are taking somewhat bigger decisions that you usually take you weeks or months to decide, bring that time down to one day. That is it. You have one day to make your decision. Whatever you decide at the end of the day is final. Always be bold. Take risks. Choose the harder path. YOLO 🤘

Mel Robbins’ 5 Second Rule

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2. Don’t stress yourself out

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Win the morning, you win the day. Start your morning with a fresh workout or reading a book or a meditation session. I would always recommend going for a good sweaty workout. You will feel so much energized and pumped to crush your goals.

The next thing is to understand that you can’t multitask. It has been proven by tons of researches. If you have a photographic memory like Nicola Tesla, go ahead and multitask. If you don’t have one, please don’t try to multitask. It is just a waste of time. Take one task at a time. Focus on that task and finish it. Start the morning by doing the most important task for the day. And always remember to take regular breaks in between work.

Another important thing is don’t fill your mind with social media crap. Your social media consumption clutters your mind without you even knowing it. Haven’t you felt like less motivated and stressed out after scrolling through Instagram and Facebook? I bet you have. Just stop using social media when you are working. After you do this, you will feel how clear your mind is.

3. Widen your perspective

Widen your Perspective

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When you feel like you are taking more time to make a decision, try to widen your perspective. Think about whether your decision is going to even matter in 5 years. Asking yourself this question would help you clear out a lot of barriers and just do it.

This would help you preserve your energy to utilize them in taking much more important decisions.

4. Don’t fear vague fears

When you feel like you are overthinking something, ask yourself, “What is the worst thing that could happen?“.

Well, NO. You are not going to die, bro

You are thinking way too much. When you ask yourself this question, you will realize that the worst thing that could happen is not that bad.

5. Have a schedule. Work through it

I have realized that I am tempted to overthink when I don’t have a clear schedule on what exactly I should do at that particular time. If you always have a schedule, then you know what you are supposed to be doing at that moment. This way, you are more likely to do the task rather than thinking about what to do.

Besides, you should always have deadlines for your tasks. Having deadlines make you push yourself to finish that particular task at the given time. Make deadlines work for you, not against you. Don’t just stress out. Get the best out of you.

Take it easy. Take small steps. Just take one task at a time. Just focus on completing that one small task.

6. You can’t control everything

This is more of an advice, rather than a habit. Why I am adding this as a habit is that you need to constantly remind yourself this. You should make yourself realize that you can’t control everything that happens in life. What you can is to choose how you react to it.

Yes, it is best to take responsibility for everything that happens around you. They are saying that for a reason. When you take everything into your hands, you have no one to blame too. When we think this way, we are going to take action and make stuff happen.

But after all of that, there is still be somethings in life that you could not have done anything about. You have to learn to let those kinds of stuff go.

That is it for today guys. Thank you for reading my article. I hope you learned something valuable. If you did, please make sure to hit the subscribe button to get notifications when I publish a new article. Stay Safe ✌

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