How to Meet Deadlines without Stressing out

Hello guys, I am back with another new article. I know each and every one of you had to work to meet a deadline at some point in your life. And we how stressful it can be. While some of us work well under stress, some of us break down so badly. Today, I am discussing a few tips to help you meet the deadline without stressing out too much.

1. Gamify Deadlines

Gamify your deadlines

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It is harder for us to concentrate on a task when we bored. Here what we can do is we can spice it up. We need to think of completing the task as a game. And when we finish that task, we should be awarded some rewards.

For example, let’s say you are writing a 1000-word essay for school. Of course, this is going to be boring. So, gamify this task. When you finish the task, you can reward yourself with an hour of your favourite TV series.

Here, having a reward motivates you to complete the task quickly. But make sure that the reward is not too big. If you write the essay and give yourself the freedom to watch a whole season of GOT, you are missing the point. This reason we are using this reward system is to motivate yourself. Enjoy the rewards with awareness.

2. Share your progress

This is the reason why we have project managers for development teams. When you know you have someone who assigns tasks to you and oversee your progress, you are going to be more productive and focused.

If you are a freelancer and you work from home alone, don’t worry I got your back. Here what you can do is to find an accountability partner. Find a friend and make him note down your progress. This is going to make you more productive instantly.

And if you can’t find an accountability partner either, you can post your progress on social media or just use an online tool like Beeminder to make you accountable and make your progress available for everyone to see.

3. Follow Yerkes-Dodson law

Yerkes-Dodson law Illustration

Image Source – ResearchGate

This law talks about the relationship between arousal and performance. Researches show that different types of tasks require different levels of arousal.

In simple words, stress is not all bad. Sometimes we need some stress to get things done more productively.

4. Setting multiple Deadlines

If you think about it, this really does make sense. When you have a big task that takes a few days to complete, you are going to procrastinate in the first few days. Then you are going to try and do everything in one day which makes you fail to meet deadlines.

We can avoid this situation by breaking the tasks down to smaller tasks. So, now when we complete these smaller tasks, we get that sense of achievement. You get the feeling that you are making progress. This makes you complete tasks quickly and increases your productivity significantly.

That is it, guys. Thank you for reading my article. I hope you guys learned something valuable today. If you did, please subscribe and share this article among your friends. Stay safe ✌

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