What is DirectX?

Hello techies, I am here with another article about something that most of you guys might want to know about. If you ever have installed a game on your pc by yourself, you know that we need something called DirectX as a requirement. Have you ever wondered what that is?

Well, I did the work for you guys. Today I am going to talk about DirectX. If it sounds interesting let’s hop in.

What is DirectX?

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DirectX is the multimedia development library created by Microsoft for windows-based applications. It is a collection of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) created for handling tasks especially related to Game programming and video.

All the names of these APIs started with the word Direct. For example, DirectDraw, Direct3D, and so forth. The name DirectX came up as a shorthand term for all the APIs.

Did You Know?

The letter x in xbox was also added to indicate that the console was based on directX technology

Why it all started?

Microsoft Windows is one of the most popular operating systems. So, even though most of the people in the world shared the same operating system, the hardware was different from one another. And the hardware vendors did not have a reliable standard that Microsoft could develop against.

So, DirectX started as a way to make their products while providing support for all available hardware devices.

DirectX is trying to bridge the gap by providing a standard software interface. In most cases, DirectX succeeds in making these issues transparent to the developers.

All major hardware vendors currently do supply device drivers for DirectX, which provides a high-performance interface for the hardware.

DirectX Components

DirectX can be divided into two separate packages.

1. DirectX SDK (Software Development Kit)

This package provides most of the multimedia development requirements. The following interfaces are included in this package.

  • DirectDraw
  • Direct3D Immediate Mode
  • DirectSound
  • DirectMusic
  • DirectInput
  • DirectPlay

2. DirectX Media SDK

The package contains multimedia extensions to supplement classes in the DirectX SDK.

  • DirectX Transform
  • DirectAnimation
  • DirectShow
  • Direct3D Retained Mode

Well, that is it for today. I wanted to give a quick introduction to DirectX in this article. If you guys want me to write more in-depth stuff about DirectX, drop a comment down below.

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