4 Tricks to Help to Take Difficult Decisions

Hello guys, I am back with another valuable article as always. Today, I am going to reveal you four tricks that will help you to make any difficult decision in your life.

Decision making is never an easy process and it takes a lot out of you. The tricks that I am about to reveal might help you make those difficult decisions and you would finally be able to sleep tight again.

If that sounds interesting, let’s hop into the content.

1. Reverse your Assumptions

Reverse your assumptions

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This is a new perspective of looking at this and probably you might not have heard this before. From the day of birth, our mind is making decisions all the time even though you don’t know it. If you have read my earlier articles, you know that we are in auto-pilot mode throughout most of our daily routine.

Our mind also is like this. With all its experience from taking decisions over and over again, our mind builds up its way of making decisions. It builds kind of a template in your mind. Something like, “If this happens, I should take this decision”.

Here what I am suggesting to do is that we should break these templates. Unless you are going to see one side of the problem and you might end up making a bad decision because of that. If we can remove those templates from our mind, we will be able to absorb the information, think more freely and then take the decision.

2. Flip your Mind

Do that mental backflip

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So, here is how you can implement this idea.

  • List out all the assumptions you have made about your problem
  • Take each one of them and write down the opposite of those assumptions
  • Try and find a way to make use of those assumptions when taking your decisions.

The crucial thing we are trying to achieve here is stepping out of your comfort zone. Your mind always makes the assumptions within your comfort zone. What you should do is flip those assumptions and use the complete opposite to make your decisions.

This way, you are going to be more creative which will make you take a smarter decision.

3. Limit the information you take in

This is a big problem, especially for perfectionists, that is clouding your decision-making ability. We think that the more information we have, the better our decision is going to be. Well, that is correct for a machine. But not for you and me. We are not machines. You have to decide when to stop taking in information.

This is kind of like watching tutorials on youtube to do a task. You can’t watch all the videos on youtube about that specific thing. You have to find a video and say this is it. I am going to focus and watch the video right till the end and then get into the business right away. When you watch a lot of videos, since the information is a lot to absorb, you are going to take much more time to complete a simple task.

So, just absorb some information and make the decision. You don’t need all the information in the world to make the decision.

4. Pretend that you are advising a Friend

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So, here why we do this is to reduce the effect that comes from your emotions. You may have realized this already. Ever wondered why the friends who give the best relationship advice are single? This is because mainly because they can’t get over their own emotions. They have all the information they need to ask his crush. He just can’t get over that emotional cloud to do it.

So, let’s use this to our advantage. Next time you get to make a difficult decision, think that you are deciding for a friend of yours. This way you could absorb the right information and make the decision quickly without any trouble from our emotions.

That is it for today guys. Thank you for taking the time to read my article. I hope you learned something valuable from it. If you did make sure to subscribe so that you will receive notifications when I publish new articles. And also don’t forget to share the article with your friends. That means a lot to me. Stay safe ✌

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