What is the difference between an URL and URI?

Hello guys, I am back with another coding related article. Today, I am going to explain the difference between an URL and URI. Let’s get into it.

URI (Uniform Resource Identifier)

This might or might not be a new term for you. URI is used to identify a resource. For example, my name can be taken as a URI, since it identifies me.

URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

We all know and use URLs every day. In fact, if you look at your browser’s address bar, you will be able to see the URL for this specific article.

So, URL is used to access a resource’s location. Here are some examples of URLs.



/mine/dream.html (Only useful along with another URL)


The difference between these two terms is simple. But lot of people get confused with the two terms and use them incorrectly.

As I said, I can take my Name, Thisura, as a URI. But it does not reveal anything about where I live. If we take my address, that is an example for an URL. If you go to my address, you are going to find me.

URL is a subset of URI. A URL can be taken as a URI. But a URI can not be taken as a URL.


Image Source – seleniumwithjavapython

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