The History of Cricket | The Backstory

Today, I am going to talk about the backstory of Cricket. All of you guys may find it interesting to find out how cricket evolved over the years to get to where it is right now. Let’s get started.

Where and when was cricket invented?

Cricket is said to be invented in the south-east part of England in the 16th century. And actually, it became the national sport of England in the 18th century.

How Cricket got its name?

This is how Wikipedia describes it:

In the earliest definite reference,it was spelled creckett. The name may have been derived from the Middle Dutch krick(-e), meaning a stick; or the Old English cricc or cryce meaning a crutch or staff, or the French word criquet meaning a wooden post.[3] The Middle Dutch word krickstoel means a long low stool used for kneeling in church; this resembled the long low wicket with two stumps used in early cricket.[7] According to Heiner Gillmeister, a European language expert of the University of Bonn, “cricket” derives from the Middle Dutch phrase for hockeymet de (krik ket)sen (i.e., “with the stick chase”).

Read the complete Wikipedia article here.

How was cricket introduced to other countries?

It is believed that cricket was introduced to other countries via English colonies

How many balls per over?

Cricket initially started with 4 balls per over. Then it was replaced by five balls per over. Then they came to the current standard which is 6 balls per over. However, some countries like Australia have experimented with 8 ball overs. By the year 2000, a rule was created limiting the number of balls in an over to six.

What was the first international cricket game?

The first-ever international game was held between US and Canada in 1844.

What was the first overseas tour?

The England team went on a tour to North America in 1859 which is considered as the first-ever overseas tour.

How limited-overs matches were introduced?

It was in Melbourne in 1971 where a test match had been abandoned because of heavy rain. A limited over match was played between the two teams as the fans were so disappointed.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading the article. See you next time!

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