Underarm Bowling | Is It Legal ? | Is It Ethical?

Hey Cricket Enthusiasts,

Today I am going to talk about underarm bowling in cricket and about how it all started.

What is underarm bowling?

This is how actually the bowlers bowled in cricket before the roundarm style was introduced. Bowling underarm is basically bowling with the hand below the waist. In fact, bowling was there even before cricket was introduced.

Is it legal to bowl underarm?

No. It is not legal now. But it was legal in the past

How did it become popular?

On 1st February 1981 in a match between New Zealand and Australia, New Zealand needed 6 runs for the last delivery to win the match. The series was in a tie and this was the third match. Aussie captain Greg Chappell instructed his brother Trevor Chappell who was the bowler to bowl the last delivery underarm to make sure that New Zealand batsman can not hit it for a six.

This indeed was legal at that time. But it was against the spirit of the cricket.

Watch this video on YouTube to see how Glenn Mcgrath “tried” to ball a ball underarm and how umpire Billy Bowden reacted to it in the video down below. 😂

Billy reacts funnily to Mcgrath’s attempt to bowl underarm

Video Courtesy – CRICKET 360 Youtube Channel

Thank you for reading my article. Peace out guys

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