Why Ball Touching The Bails Not Given Out?

Hey Cricket Enthusiasts,

In this article, I am going to talk about a thought that may have entered your mind someday.

Why LBWs are given out and the ball touching the bails is considered not out?

This is according to cricket’s 29th law.

29.1.1 The wicket is put down if a bail is completely removed from the top of the stumps, or a stump is struck out of the ground, by the ball, by the striker’s bat if held or by any part of the bat that he/she is holding, for the purpose of this law only, by the striker’s bat not in hand, or by any part
of the bat which has become detached, by the striker’s person or by any part of his/her clothing or equipment
becoming detached from his/her person, by a fielder with his/her hand or arm, providing that the ball is held in the
hand or hands so used, or in the hand of the arm so used. The wicket is also put down if a fielder strikes or pulls a stump out of the
ground as in

29.1.2 The disturbance of a bail, whether temporary or not, shall not constitute its complete
removal from the top of the stumps, but if a bail in falling lodges between two of the
stumps this shall be regarded as complete removal.

So, in simple terms, at least one bail must be completely removed for the batsman to be out.

What if the batsman hits the wicket in his follow-through?

It is not out. This happened once recently in an ODI match between West Indies and Bangladesh. The batsman batting was Oshane Thomas. He played a shot and was on his follow-through when his bat hit the wicket and the lights lit and the bails fell off.

Oshane Thomas Hitting The Wicket, But was given not out

Watch the full video here.

But the reason he was given not out is that he had already finished playing the shot

Also, check out this youtube video :

5 instances when bails failed to fall down

Video Source – Simbly Chumma youtube channel

I hope you guys enjoyed the article. Thank you for taking the time to read it. If you have any doubts about cricket, drop a comment down below so I could talk about that in a future article. Stay safe ✌

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