What Is The Role of The 4th and 5th Umpires?

Hey Cricket Enthusiasts,

In this article, I am going to talk about the responsibilities of the 4th and 5th umpires in cricket.

How many umpires are there in a cricket match?

There are 5 umpires.

The 2 on-field umpires are the bowler’s end umpire and the leg umpire. The bowler’s end umpire gets to take most of the decisions while the leg umpire gets to call over-the-head wide balls, over-waist-high no balls, stumping chances and etc.

The 3rd umpire is waiting upstairs watching every bit of the game through screens. He is in charge of when a player or an on-field umpire refer upstairs to have a second opinion.

These are the things normally a person does know. As the 4th and 5th umpires rarely make it into a television camera, you might not know about what their responsibilities are.

The 4th and 5th umpire,

  • plays the role of reserve umpire
  • brings on the new ball to the field
  • carries drinks for umpires at the drinks break
  • checks the batteries in the light meter
  • observes the pitch at lunch and tea intervals to make sure that there are no issues
  • keeps track of player substitutions and the time spent off the field

What if something happens to an on-field umpire and he can’t continue?

In this scenario, the 3rd umpire will take the position of the on-field umpire and the 4th umpire will take care of the duties of the 3rd umpire.

I hope you guys learned something valuable today. Thank you for reading this article. See you soon. Stay Safe ✌

Published by Thisura Thenuka

I am a passionate software engineering student. But cricket is my first love ❤

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