Why is it Considered Not Out if The Ball Pitches Outside The Leg Stump?

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In this article, I am discussing about the reason why the batsman is not out when the ball is pitching outside leg

Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever gone crazy because your team lost a review just because the ball was pitching outside leg stump? Anyone can say that it hits the stump at a glance. You may have thought yo yourself that it is so unfair for the bowling side. Well, you are kind of right. This law is biased in favour of the batsman.

Why this law was introduced in the first place?

When a bowler is bowling from the legside of the batsman, naturally the leg of the batsman meets the ball before the bat. So if we consider the batsman can be out LBW even if the ball pitches outside the leg stump, it would be unfair to the batsman. The bowler’s job would be pretty easy.

But when a bowler bowls from the offside of the batsman, naturally the bat comes first before the leg of the batsman. Hence, if the ball pitches outside the off stump and goes on to hit the wicket, it can be given out as LBW.

What are your thoughts about this law? Comment down below.

Hope you guys learned something valuable today. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. See you tomorrow with another interesting article.

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